Dale Hyde Consulting and Certification

´╗┐This business is based on a philosophy of helping people achieve their goals by providing reliable and dependable consulting and certification services. We seek to offer guidance and surety through the development, construction and fire safety compliance processes. Our aim is to provide these services with a commitment to diligence and standards set by community expectation and regulatory structure.


With extensive experience in all aspects of construction and development Dale Hyde Consulting and Certification is well placed to deal with any proposal that requires construction approval or compliance appraisal.

We offer both Accredited Certifier and Principal Certifying Authority Building Surveyor Grade A1 unrestricted services. This permits us to approve the construction of buildings of unrestricted floor area, height and volume and apply performance based solutions to meet compliance requirements and oversee completion of projects as principal certifying authority.

We can apply extensive knowledge through exposure to building regulation, heavy construction, contracting and on site trade experience of over 30 YRS.

We have the benefit of inside knowledge of planning, construction and fire safety regulation through experience gained working in Local Government Compliance, Development Control, Development Approvals, Complying Development, and Fire Safety with a sound working knowledge of NSW Planning Regulation, Local Council and NSW Fire Brigades requirements. This is enhanced by trade background, building contracting experience, fire safety systems design and installation project management, fire safety engineering qualification, fire safety reporting and use of fire engineered solutions.